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R.F.C. - Ralphies Forgotten Children (Mixtape)

After months of teasing with songs here and there, the Really Fucking Cool clique comprised of Smoke DZA, Al Doe, NymLo, Chase N. Cashe, Den10, 183rd, Mookie Jones & Bluntsmoker bring heat for the Summer with their debut compilation, “Ralphies Forgotten Children”. Get familiar with Ralphie’s forgotten children by downloading R.F.C.’s new project here. Click HERE To Download.

1. Smoke DZA, NYMLo, & Al-Doe & DJ Will Gates - 27 Club (Prod. By 183rd)
2. NYMLo, Al-Doe & Smoke DZA - Decisions (Prod. By 183rd)
3. Den10 & Smoke DZA - Burn (Prod. By 183rd)
4. NYMLo, Den10 & Smoke DZA - Slave To The Wave (Prod. By 183rd)
5. Al-Doe, NYMLo & Smoke DZA - Lingo (Prod. By 183rd)
6. NYMLo - 183rd Meets Money Ave (Prod. By 183rd)
7. Smoke DZA, NYMLo & Al-Doe - Shadows (Prod. By V.Don)
8. NYMLo, Al-Doe & Bluntsmoker - Pray (Prod. By 183rd)
9. NYMLo & Chase N. Cashe - Fifa feat. NAKIM (Prod. By 183rd)
10. Al-Doe - Rihanna (Prod. By Chase N. Cashe)
11. NYMLo, Al-Doe & Smoke DZA - Real Fuckin Chedder (Prod. By Cardiak)
12. NYMLo, Al-Doe & Smoke DZA & Den10 - We Runnin The Game (Prod. By 183rd)
13. Chase N. Cashe - Trigger Happy (Prod. By 183rd)
14. Mookie Jones & Al-Doe - POLO (Prod. By 183rd)
15. Smoke DZA & NYMLo - Everyydayy (Prod. By Lee Bannon)
16. Den10 - Admirer (Prod. By 183rd)
17. Smoke DZA - Brinks (Prod. By Chase N. Cashe)

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